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Who We Are

Founded in 2009, TotalSim US is a full-service computational fluid dynamics (CFD) consulting and solutions group providing decades of engineering expertise and insight to top organizations across the world. TotalSim is headquarted in Dublin, Ohio, with an additional location in Pasadena, California. Together with our sister-company, TotalSim UK, in Brackley, England, we’re able to serve clients’ global needs.

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Our Services

From expert advice to customized software, we have the knowledge and technology needed to manage all of your CFD needs.

CFD Consulting

Tackle your toughest challenges and reach your CFD goals by leveraging the expertise of our trusted engineers, aerodynamicists and designers.

Custom Software Development

Get the highly-accurate performance predictions you need with CFD web applications customized to emulate your physical test processes.

CFD Software Support & Training

Access support for nearly all of today's best solvers and empower your team with customized training for OpenFOAM and Linux.

CAE Automation

Streamline pre-processing, post-processing, data management and more with automated CAE processes and workflows.

Reverse Engineering

Using Creaform’s 3D scanners, we create portable, fast and highly-accurate scanning solutions for anysimulation need.

Physical Testing

Obtain expert guidance for on-track, wind tunnel and bench testing, along with performance mapping and aerodynamics analysis.

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Keep up with the latest news and information from TotalSim – from new service offerings and industry apps, to company updates and more.

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What if we added added jet engines to Santa’s Sleigh?

It's the most wonderful time of the year: Christmas. Every year, kids (and some adults) eagerly wait for Santa to deliver their presents. As you watch the Santa Trackers, you're probably wondering if Dasher or Rudolph could fly a little quicker so that the presents get delivered sooner.This version of Santa's sleigh, named the Jingle Jet, is designed and drawn by Mikael Sedlacek. It's equipped with 2 jet turbo engines; therefore, this sleigh does not require the services of Santa's 10 reindeer. The Jingle Jet is designed with an aerodynamic body so that it can glide through the sky.

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Simulating a Dirt Late Model Racing Car in CFD

Dirt track racing is a popular form of automotive racing in the United States. Dirt Late Model is a unique vehicle, with its inclined nose, flat doors, large spoiler, and open backs. Typical weight of a Dirt Late Model is a minimum of 2,300 lbs. These vehicles require a powerful engine that can produce over 800 horsepower that allows the vehicle to achieve high speeds. From the tight wheel arches to the angle and location of the rear spoiler to the different fender heights, every design component of this vehicle influences aerodynamics. Wind tunnel testing for this type of vehicle is difficult due to the extreme yaw (side slip angle) the cars experience while cornering. Without the constraints of the wind tunnel, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) methods are ideal for testing and understanding the aerodynamics of dirt racing cars.

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Why TotalSIM?

TotalSim expertly applies advanced CFD technology to solve your most complex engineering challenges.

We are problem solvers.

Tap into our expertise to simplify advanced CFD processes and develop solutions that apply the right CFD tools to overcome obstacles, deliver results and maximize value.

We are relationship driven.

Whether local or global, you can count on us to be there with dependable, high-quality support and delivery. We empower your team by rounding out your in-house CFD expertise and collaborate to overcome challenges and accelerate productivity

We apply expertise.

Stay ahead of the competition with solutions that account for real-world constraints and practical advice on the latest trends impacting design development and performance.

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