TotalSim Web Apps

TotalSim has developed a series of web apps that are made accessible via a custom web portal, with online and real-life training. The aim is to make the apps highly affordable and easy to use. The apps integrate a unique manufacturing domain expertise, sophisticated simulation software and powerful cloud based computing and storage resources inside a digitized workflow. They were developed as part of a technology partnership.

They all stem from internal TotalSim workflows and benefit from years of experience in the problem domain. For instance the Automotive app originates from TotalSim's years of vehicle performance experience, and takes advantage our CFD process and custom tools like RideHeightChanger. The apps use sensible default 'recipes' based on our engineering expertise, so the user only has to upload their geometry and fill out a form for the simulation settings.

Instead of paying a consulting fee for TotalSim to perform the tests, users are able to offset the cost by performing their own tests through the app portal, taking advantage of the supercomputing resources at OSC. The CFD cost is now transformed into a pay-as-you-go model. Users can now scale their cost based on their needs.

We are open to new app ideas. We are known for our rapid turnaround process for new applications for different problem domains.


More details for currently available apps can be found below:


TotalSim will create a CFD web application that's directly customized to your company's needs. 

Have an idea for a CFD Web App to fit your workflow?

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