CFD Support

TotalSim offers 1-year CFD Support Contracts based on the popular open-source CFD solver OpenFOAM®. Included within each support contract is an OpenFOAM® distribution, installation support, user training, ongoing code updates, TotalSim's proprietary utility package and custom development time.


Why Choose OpenFOAM?

  • OpenFOAM® is an open-source technology that's highly competitive with all commercial solutions currently available, including ANSYS Fluent® and CD-Adapco Star-CCM+®. It is able to give equally accurate results and in many cases has faster turnaround times. Many leading engineering companies choose OpenFOAM® over all other available options.
  • With its open-source philosophy, OpenFOAM® is easily developed and extended. It provides full access to source codes, allowing you or TotalSim's own developers to create custom tailored solutions that are directly suited to your needs. OpenFOAM® can be made to fit seamlessly into any development cycle.
  • OpenFOAM® is easily scriptable, meaning the process can be fully automated. Once a simulation has been set up the first time, changes in geometry or flow conditions can be rapidly configured and compared to previous results. This facilitates effective optimization across wide variety of problems. It also allows for rapid performance mapping of different geometry configurations simultaneously.
  • Simulation turnaround is highly competitive and in some cases unmatched by other solvers. Combined with our hardware solutions, OpenFOAM® can be freely scaled with no additional licensing costs.
  • OpenFOAM is 100% free. With no startup or licensing fees, OpenFOAM is an excellent option for anyone looking to reduce their simulation costs, regardless of whether you're a small company looking to begin your simulation program or an established team looking for cost-effective scaling options.

TotalSim CFD

It's no secret that getting started with OpenFOAM® is difficult. That's where TotalSim comes in. We're here to ensure you succeed with open-source CFD.

At TotalSim, we use OpenFOAM every day. Through our own usage, TotalSim has created a suite of utilities meant to make industrial use of OpenFOAM fast and easy, no matter what type of problem you have or how complex your model is. Included with every support package is training on both standard OpenFOAM® practices as well as TotalSim's improved tools and methods. Usage of TotalSim tools allows for the same productive workflow that TotalSim has adopted internally.


TotalSim CFD Support

Included Services

TotalSim provides support from a suitably qualified and experienced engineer for:

  • Direct user support for TotalSim's methods and codes
  • Training that covers TotalSim's methods
  • Installation and IT support of OpenFOAM and TotalSim codes
  • General OpenFOAM usage support
  • Advice on best practice methodologies
  • Testing of installation, codes and methods


TotalSim offers support contracts for our customized distribution of OpenFOAM. Support contracts include:

  • Permanent installation of all OpenFOAM based codes, as well as TotalSim's proprietary software
  • All OpenFOAM based codes are supplied under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL)
  • Ongoing software updates throughout the term of the contract
  • Access to TotalSim's Customer Wiki, including documentation, best practice guides, tips and tutorials


TotalSim will carry out customer-specific code development:

  • Codes, methods, scripting, etc
  • Task automation
  • Parameterized simulation templates

Ongoing Updates

TotalSim releases quarterly updates including:

  • Recent code developments
  • Plans for new releases
  • Known issues or code limitations
  • New best practice methodologies

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* OpenFOAM is a registered trademark of OpenCFD Ltd