CFD Support, IT Solutions & Training

Support, IT solutions and training for all your engineering team’s CFD needs.

TotalSim is a complete end-to-end CFD consulting and engineering firm. We not only offer consulting, services and applications to provide you with the hardware, support and training resources you need. Our specific offerings include:

IT Solutions

Our IT Solutions are designed to help you perform large scale simulations. While we are solver agnostic, we do offer OpenFOAM® software to help you perform complex fluid flows involved in CFD. We can also meet your hardware needs with HPC clusters are cost-effective, efficient and fast. In addition, we also offer remote supercomputing capabilities in partnership with the Ohio Supercomputer Center.

CFD Training

Maximize your investment in CFD software by tapping into our training services. We understand that each company and project is different, which is why we offer both customized training and current courses in OpenFOAM and Linux to help your team succeed.

OpenFOAM® Support

We want you to make the most out of the capabilities offered by OpenFOAM® with our tailored support solution.

Get the resources you need to maximize your team’s ability to leverage the full benefits of computational fluid dynamics.

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