The Go Flyer APP is easy web access to sophisticated CFD work, specifically designed for Go Fly. There is no need to learn CFD software. The app makes CFD simulation simple by automatically meshing your geometry, configuring the solver settings and organizing the results so that you can focus on designing and improving your vehicles and not setting up complex CFD simulations.


Flyer cfd web APP

  • One Account per Team
  • 100 ‘Tokens’ per team for simulation execution
    • 1 Token = Retail value of $20
    • Token usage dependent on model complexity (# of props, size, etc.)
    • Estimated cost of simple model simulation: ~ 10 Tokens
    • Estimated cost of complicated model simulation: ~ 20 Tokens
  • Additional Tokens can be purchased by Go Fly competitors at substantial discount rate of $5 per Token
  • Additional Free Tokens for Phase I Prize Winners (TBD)
  • Additional Free Tokens for Phase II Prize Winners (TBD)
  • Additional Free Tokens for Phase III Prize Winners (TBD)

Full in-App instructions, Tutorials, Example Cases, and Help will be available.



Flyer Sign up

You will receive an email from the Ohio SuperComputer Center within the next 1.5 weeks confirming your account. In the email will be your account username and a link to set your password. You will then be able to login to to access your application.


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