TotalSim Featured in Digital Engineering magazine

Simulation is transitioning from a highly specialized operation performed by experts at the end of the design process to a more ubiquitous activity that can help optimize products throughout the design cycle. That means companies are doing more simulation and asking for results much faster.

Andy Luo Presents at AIAA High Lift Prediction Workshop

Andy Luo Presents at AIAA High Lift Prediction Workshop

CFD Engineer, Andy Luo, presented at the 3rd AIAA CFD High Lift Prediction Workshop hosted by the AIAA Aviation and and Aeronautics Forum and Exposition on June 3, 2017 in Denver, CO. The Workshop was well attended with 36 participants from 14 countries ranging from academia to CFD vendors to research labs.

iRacing’s Ongoing Pursuit of Race Simulation Realism

iRacing’s Ongoing Pursuit of Race Simulation Realism

Thanks to the meticulous work of the simulation industry’s leading artists and vehicle dynamicists, the 50+ digital race cars available on look, drive and race like their real world counterparts. The key word there is “digital.” For, when all is said and done, iRacing’s stock, sports and open wheel cars are constructed of advanced mathematics and physics calculations rather than physical parts. There isn’t a real bolt, A-arm or wing to be found.

Nascar, TotalSim Model Aerodynamics to Boost Safety, Performance

Nascar, TotalSim Model Aerodynamics to Boost Safety, Performance

Drive a car not originally built for racing around an oval track at 200 mph for a couple hours and you begin to understand why stock car drivers want the greatest and latest information on how their car will handle in close traffic on a banked curve. Traditionally engineers in NASCAR relied on wind-tunnel and track testing. But in recent years, NASCAR began looking for an alternative. 

TotalSim participating in SWE Engieering Fair at OSU Feb 4 2015

TotalSim will be among the companies participating in on campus recruiting at the Ohio State University the February 4th.

The SWE Career Fair is an annual career fair sponsored by the Society of Women Engineers in partnership with Engineering Career Services at OSU.

More info can be found here.

If you are an Aerospace or Mechanical Engineering or CompSci student at OSU and would like to look at employment opportunities at a fast growing Dublin, Ohio based tech company... drop by and speak to us!

Animation of Dirty Air in Indy Racing


When you're running in a pack of cars in over two hundred miles an hour, it's unsettling for the drivers and for the cars. The drivers refer to it as dirty air. In a way you can see dirty areas through computational fluid dynamics (CFD). That's computer modeling that will show the airflow across the car. The model was provided by dragon racing and the simulations done by TotalSim at Ohio. The results are dramatic and anyone can certainly see why it is called Dirty Air.

TotalSim Awarded Mozilla Ignite Grants

TotalSim is participating in a project with the City of Dublin, Metro Data Center, OARNet, and Univ of Missouri to test the use of new remote desktop protocols and applications for use with Modeling and Simulation.

Project leader Dr. Prasad Calyam who recently moved from OH-TECH's OARNet to a professorship at University of Missouri applied for and recieved a round 2 grant for the team from the Mozilla Foundation.

Then after some intial prototype work the group was interview for round 3 and again were awarded anothr grant!

The program is focusing now on creating Simulation and Modeling as a Service (SMaas) to further TotalSim and many other's in our team's desire to get these methodologies out to a broaded group of small to medium sized businesses. This fits in really well with the work we've recently done on a Dept of Energy project administered by NCMS that created a Truck Add-on Predictor

To read more about the project here and the Mozilla Ignite program.

TotalSim working with Ohio State on Awesim Program

TotalSim is one of the key partners in a $6M public-private partnership funded by the Ohio Third Frontier announced last June. The key partners are OSC, P&G, Intel, and two other small Engineering Service providers similar to TotalSim, AltaSim of Worthington, OH and Kinetic-Vision from Cincinnati, OH. This program has been named AwesSim with a new website

Here's an introductory video on the program and the benefits - most of the Apps featured right now are CFD and fluids based - and of course most of these TotalSim has had a hand in... (!)


Yet another great opportunity for TotalSim... further building on our relationships with the University, the City of Dublin, Ohio Supercomputer Center, OARNet and the State of Ohio to help grow our business.