We believe in collaboration and are relationship driven, it is at the essence of everything we do. Therefore, we have partnered with organizations both in our own backyard and across the world to provide dependable, high-quality support and delivery.

Serving Clients’ Global Needs

TotalSim US is able to service diverse industries and global companies by leveraging its partnership with our sister company TotalSim UK based in Brackley, England. Together we have decades of engineering experience that has allowed us to simplify complex CFD processes in racing, aerospace, energy, marine and other industries across the world. TotalSim was started as a natural replacement for the successful Advantage CFD consultancy that operated as part of the Honda Formula 1 team until 2006.

Helping Ideas Take Off

At TotalSim we are always innovating. In support of the Boeing-sponsored GoFly competition, we created a specific app based on TS Aero but specialized for devices that use vertical takeoff. This helped teams of the top minds in aerospace to create revolutionary technology or devices and compete to win $2,000,000 in prizes.


Collaborating on Competitive Solutions

TotalSim is one of the key partners in a $6 million public-private partnership funded by the Ohio Third Frontier. Out of collaboration with the Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC) and OARnet, TotalSim became a founding partner of AweSim. AweSim provides businesses with competitive solutions for simulation-driven design and levels the playing field for smaller manufacturers largely missing out on this advantage.

Supporting our City

TotalSim is located in Dublin, OH and maintains a close relationship with the City of Dublin and the Metro Data Center, key partners on the expansion of a 100 GB fiber network in the city. This partnership allows TotalSim to have access to robust computational  and hardware resources to tackle the largest CFD projects.


Participation in the following organizations help our staff stay connected in individual industries and provide professional development.

Our engineers regularly participate in

NASA’s High Lift and Drag Prediction Workshops

Automotive CFD Prediction Workshop