Whatever your computational fluid dynamics problem, TotalSim can help. We use cutting edge CFD technology and expertly apply it to real world problems. Whether you're wanting to simulate aerodynamic, hydrodynamic or thermal problems, TotalSim has the experience and capability to meet your needs.


TotalSim has decades of experience in aerodynamic testing and performance mapping. We provide expert guidance for on-track testing, wind tunnel testing, bench testing, performance mapping or any other kind of aerodynamic analysis.


TotalSim engineers are experts in computational fluid dynamics. If you require scanning for CFD, there's nobody better suited than us. TotalSim has extensive experience in working with scanned data sets, a deep understanding of what needs to be captured for simulation, and the expertise required to most efficiently scan your geometry.


TotalSim is an industry leader in automating CAE processes. If you would benefit from automated pre- or post-processing, run management, data analysis or any other custom CAE tools, give us a call to discuss how we can help you.