TS Truck

TS Truck is a web interface for performing computational fluid dynamic (CFD) simulations on Semi Truck Add-on aerodynamic devices like skirts, boat tails, VG's, etc. Users of the app are be able to upload there device geometry, configure and run their CFD simulation, and analyse forces and flow on various parts of the Semi Rig all inside the application. TS Truck provides a suite of post-processing results that can then be compared across designs and conditions for insight on trends and performance -results can also be downloaded for further offline analysis.

If you'd like a trial of the App:

Truck CFD Airflow
Truck CFD Movie Slice


Ease of Use

Truck App User Interface Results Manager

Users simply have to upload their geometry as already-defined components such as wheel and body.  All simulation and results management is handled by the app and presented to the user in a intuitive interface

Intuitive Interface

Users are able to visualize and adjust their uploaded geometry using the web interface. The status of jobs on the supercomputer cluster are visually represented. Simulation parameters can be easily set in a form for submission.

Truck App User Interface




Robust Solution

Truck App User Interface

The truck app is offshoot from an earlier Truck Add-On Predictor project sponsored by DOE and NCMS. By providing the same verified and widely accepted Generic SORHT truck and trailer model as before, users will have pre-existing correlation data to compare their simulations against.