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Vehicle Design and Analysis

TotalSim is a leader in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation. Our experience will help you more quickly gain the performance you need for a successful design.  From the initial design process where multiple ideas need to be analyzed quickly so you can proceed with the best option to optimizing a design near the end of the process to gain that last bit of performance, we can help.


Our strong background in Automotive and Motorsports has positioned us to be a leader in the market.   The automated processes we have developed allow us to return results quickly and efficiently saving you time and money in the long run.


Our experience in the UAV and propeller design allows us to help clients from small to large.  Various Reynolds number flows, boundary layer transition models, and propeller/rotor design are some of the areas we excel at in the aerospace market.


Efficiency is so important especially when developing electric vehicles – simulation is used to evaluate a marine vehicle efficiently and effectively to find the best solution.

TotalSim Consulting Services:

Lower your R&D spend on prototypes with virtual prototypes, expand your ability to assess performance without the need to conduct as many expensive physical tests.  TotalSim uses automated workflows to improve accuracy and return results faster. No matter your specific goal, TotalSim can help.

The Services we provide:

  • Full CFD Consulting and Design Services
  • Support of your CFD department to improve your efficiency
  • Performance mapping
  • Workflow automation design and consulting
  • Custom Software solutions around your CFD process

We thrive on solving the most complex aerodynamic challenges and helping you become more efficient.

Quad Copter with Streamlines

CFD Capabilities:

Depending on the vehicle, any of the following may be needed to optimize the design.

Fluid Dynamics

Aerodynamics, hydrodynamics, compressible flow; internal and/or external flow; modeling techniques such as discrete element modeling, dynamic moving mesh, free surface modeling, or mutli-phase flow

Noise and Acoustics

Noise can become a problem if it is a nuisance to the community at large. Evaluation to find sources of the noise and then evaluation of options to mitigate it are invaluable.

Propeller/Rotor Analysis

Improving rotor or propeller efficiency can extend range. Analysis can be done with lower order methods but more complicated methods including moving mesh may be necessary.

Thermal Modeling

Thermal management for ICE or electric propulsion systems may be of interest. Modeling of internal and external flow can inform the thermal loads on the system.

Performance mapping

Performance mapping is used to define an entire performance envelope. This might be necessary to know how the vehicle behaves no matter what speed or attitude or these results can be used to inform simulators for performance accuracy.


At TotalSim, we’re solver-agnostic. While we promote free and open-source when possible, we believe in using the best tools for the job. We have experience with nearly all of today’s best solvers, including OpenFOAM®, Star-CCM+®, Fluent®, FUN3D, CFD++® and more.

Reach out so we can learn more about your challenges and work with you to solve them.

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